Thursday, 21 December 2017

A' Chir - Glen Iorsa Face - Winter Potential?

The images below I've added already to the Wasteland Traverse route description - but climbers may find it easier to access them in a separate article.  

The W face of A' Chir has no recorded winter climbs.

I imagine this is for two primary reasons:

1)  Relatively long approach
2)  It doesn't exactly face the best way.  

However - given the right conditions - it would surely be worth a visit.

Shots below are rare indeed, and from an unknown angle.

Here is the W face in its entirety:

A' Chir, Glen Iorsa face

Zoomed in, from N - S

N area

Summit area

S of summit

Possible lines I imagine would go (I'm sure others will see their own lines):

N of summit:

*  Yellow line is the gully dropping from the Gap
*  Long red line would be a good through-route - darker red would provide more difficult variations
*  Leftmost red line could be an interesting shorter route

Summit area:

*  Primary red line would provide a fantastic mountaineering route to the summit - I fancy this later in the season (if it's in)
*  Dark red looks difficult - very difficult
*  Yellow looks interesting, despite the relative brevity
*  Beige/brown line(s) could provide descent

The three overlapping slabs just to the L of the base of the red line are obvious when under the face.  There's probably potential for something else here, also possibly another route starting just to the L of these, and joining the upper reaches of the dark red route (or continuing as a diagonal for an easier line).

S of summit:

*  Red line is an obvious gully climb
*  Yellow line looks like an interesting buttress route

For reference: images are camera stills taken from ascent of the N ridge of Beinn Tarsuinn (remotest ridge on the island - but certainly worth it for these shots).

When/If I go climb the red 'summit route' line I mentioned, I'll film it in its entirety to show the angle of the face.  It's steep enough, for sure...

- Edit to add - here is the face, this shot being from the summit of Beinn Tarsuinn (...Beinn Tarsuinn of the Western Hills!!!).  It gives a good sense of the face, despite being a summer conditions shot.

A' Chir, Glen Iorsa face


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